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Mid-Size Standard Range:
(a) Telescopes 13 to 18" in length
(b) Supports an overall rear width of 6 to 8"

(c) Groin to ground clearance of 8 to 15"

(d) Will support a maximum rear leg width up to 9"

(e) Width of front shoulders 6 to 8"

Uses 12" BMX with 1/4" Axle


Free Standard Shipping Within the US (Only)


SKU: 364215375135191
  • This wheelchair is designed for the Mid-Size Breeds. Such as Beagles, Spaniels, Border Collies, Etc. This is a new fully adjustable sport utility all terrain dog wheelchair.  Designed for use with 12" BMX bicycle wheels, that have a 1/4" diameter axles.  The wheel size helps with terrain travel and low friction travel.

    We also do custom sizes at no extra cost with a quick turn around time.

    We sell our wheelchairs without wheels to give the customer a less expensive way of puchasing our wheelchairs.  We suggest using 12" or 16" BMX bicycle wheels from an old bicycle, carts, or even purchasing from you local thrift store.

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