Dog Wheelchair for Mid-Size Dogs


Pre-made Standard Size Range:

(a) Telescopes 13" to 18" in length
(b)  Supports an overall rear width of 6" to 8"

(c)  Groin to ground clearance of 8" to 15"

(d)  Will support a maximum rear leg width up to 9"

(e)   Width of front shoulders 6" to 8"

Uses 12" BMX with 1/4" Axle

We also sell longer plates that add up to  4" Max to the height of the wheelchair.  $25 (Sold as a Pair)

Free Standard Shipping

Custom sizes available,

 at no extra charge

We know it's expensive for the care for our handicapped pets. That's why we offer carts without wheels.  To give the customer the option of using wheels off old bicycles or finding them at your local thrift stores.

We are reluctant about adding straps, but some customers have requested a front strap. We have added a strap as a optional purchase.

$275 With Wheels

$235 Without Wheels



We suggest filling out The Measurement Form before ordering

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Dog Wheelchairs by Dwanecart