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  • Where do I find wheels if I choose the Dwanecart without wheels option?
    From a used kid BMX bike(s) often found at thrift stores; preferrably two front wheel types. A front and a rear wheel from a single bike will work, although it may look a little odd since they are a little different. Large uses 20" BMX wheels with 3/8" axle, and Mid-Size uses 12" BMX wheels with 1/4" axle.
  • If I choose to get a Dwanecart less wheels, can I use wheels with 5/16" diameter axles instead of the 3/8?"
    It depends on the weight of your dog. We don't recommend using less than 3/8" diameter axles unless your dog weighs less than 45lb.
  • Where do I get replacement padding?
    You can get the padding from Home Depot. It is called Armacell pipe insulation (in the plumbing section). It comes in various inner diameters and thicknesses. I recommend 5/8" diameter, 1/2" thick, or doubled up with 1" diameter.
  • Does this wheelchair elevate the back legs from dragging?
    Depending where you place the wheels on the side plates will determine the height of your dog. Either to have their feet touching or not touching the ground. Standard Large heights are 14" - 19" Standard Mid-Size Heights are 8" - 15" Standard Small Heights are 3.5" - 6.5" We also have longer plates at an extra charge, that will add an extra 4" to the height of the wheelchair.(For Large & Mid-Size) Longer plates for Small adds about 3" at no extra charge.
  • Do these wheelchairs come with front shoulder harness or straps?
    Adjusted properly, you do not need front straps. (Per Customer request, we have added as an optional purchase of a front strap) This is because 1-2 lbs of down load should be transferred to the front shoulders. If your dog is suffering from the advanced stages of DM or several other spinal problems, you can adjust these wheelchairs such that no load is placed on the front shoulders, but you would then need to employ a strap under the collar. A velcro strap, towel or belt would suffice, at a minimum. Please be sure to supervise your dog while using the Dwanecart in this configuration as stability may be compromized, particularly over rougher terrain.
  • Can this cart be used for a dog with a rear leg amputation?
    Yes, but we recommend contacting us first as we can make special supports to allow better comfort at no extra cost. There is a picture in the gallery showing the support bar. When filling out the Measurement Form add in Special Requirements if your dog is an amputee and which side your dog is missing a limp. (Standing from behind, looking forward)
  • Can my dog poop or peep in this wheelchair?
    It is possible for your dog to unobstructively deficate and urinate in these wheelchairs; however, not all do because they are not used to standing up while going. Every dog is different, each reacting likewise.
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