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What is DwaneCart and how does it work?

A low cost, sport utility dog wheel chair for medium to large sized dogs, the DwaneCart is designed to use the largest wheels for best all terrain travel. It employs a concept much like that of a Roman chariot, transferring a small portion of the overall weight (~1-2 lb) onto the dogs front legs. This cart can be purchased with or without the 20" wheels, and can be customized beyond the nominal size upon request at no extra charge..

Nominal Size Range:

(a) telescopes 17 to 21 inches in length
(b) supports an overall rear width of 7 to 9.5 inches
(c) groin to ground clearance of 14 to 20 inches
(d) will support a maximum rear leg girth up to 18 inches
(e) 20 to 24 inches wheelbase (depending on swing axle position and height selection)

    a = length
    b = rear width
    c = groin to ground height
    d = rear leg girth


High strength to weight ratio with an all welded frame capable of supporting up to 150 lb.

Large cambered wheel arrangement reduces rolling friction over rough terrain and provides optimum lateral support while running on a turn.

Multi-position swing axle adjusts to proportion the amount of rear leg support and overall balance.

Useful for rehabilitation or for permanently disabled pets. Saddle sides are independently supported to permit unobstructed urination.

Easily wipeable and replaceable foam padding, very handy for dogs with hip displacia & spine degeneration that may have also lost urinary control as well.

Disassembles into a small space.

Not constructed using flimsy PVC pipe, plastic wheels or chafing leg straps.

The front brace can be swung out to the side like a bicycle stand, so you can independently step the dog's rear legs into the padded saddle, then swing the front piece over the front shoulders and telescopically adjust the length.

Constructed like an old fashioned bicycle - welded... poor quality materials don't cut it when you are trying to place your dog in a wheelchair.

Customer Support:

Please email us dwanecart@yahoo.com if you have any questions, we'll compare your dog's measurements to our wheelchair dimensions. We will easily support any modifications necessary to custom size one of these carts to your medium to large sized dog, at no extra cost. If the wheelchair doesn't fit, return it for a full refund, less return shipping. We have a very low return rate.

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